Whats your non negotiables?


Have you ever taken the time to consider what is truly important to you? I am not talking about sitting down to watch another episode of friends, or ordering from your favorite takeaway, what in life are you willing to do anything for? Or what are the things in life that you will simply not compromise on? We all have our non negotiables, we just have to take the time to consider what we truly value in our daily lives.


Non Negotiables are things that we simply are not willing to negotiate on, they define your mission statement and are in alignment with your deepest core values. They represent what you value in others, as well as what you value in you. There is no set list of non negotiables, this exercise is about identifying what works for you and what gets you through different times. Here is a sample list that we can use as a reference for identifying ours:

Sunday rest day

Sunday family day

No phones at the dinner table

Family meal rituals

Cold showers



Breathing practices


Bedtime routines



How can I identify mine?

I am not trying to guide you towards any particular non-negotiable, instead, I want to teach you how to identify yours with these 3 simple steps that anyone can do!

1) Communication and feedback

Communicate with those close to you to see what they would consider your non negotiables to be. Often, we struggle to identify our own values, but those who are close to us can help steer us in the right direction. You can also ask your friends what are there non negotiables and as we often are a mirror image of who we spend time with

2) Clear and concise list

Write down what you believe are your non negotiables. What do you do on a daily basis that simply never changes? Making a clear list can help you see what you truly value. Remember there is a difference between what you believe and what you value.

3) Routine Journal

Keep a log of all your daily habits and activities for a 2 week period. This will help you identify what you do consistently, and what you just do on occasions. Once you identify your main non-negotiables, try and think of 5 different reasons why this is important to you, and what are the personal benefits to you.

Key takeaway

Use the strategies below to find your non-negotiables, and send a message to me with answers and reasons.

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