Thanks John! During our sessions I was able to take a more introspective look at my future goals. Your questions made me think harder about steps I can take myself to improve my situation. It was refreshing to have someone ask questions without imputing their own ideas and that really helped with my self awareness. Thanks again!


I found my sessions with John to be incredibly useful. John really helped me focus on my goal. His questioning and guidance enabled me to see what I needed to do to reach my goals. From the sessions, I could realise what my next steps were, better understanding my own motivation and to ultimately reach my goals. Thanks John

Conor D

I took John's 2 week coaching program and it truely helped me be more intentional with who I want to be and has helped me be more productive towards reaching my goals. I was truly a blessing to be part of this coaching program and it has helped me so much get the transformation I desire.